Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am on a mission to catch up with this space and make it prettier. So here it goes.

Kevin and I took a pregnancy test in the midst of making our Halloween costumes last year. I will never forget our butterflies and giddiness over a maybe baby. We had been discussing when we would finally feel ready to stop preventing a baby for months. I was so ready and Kevin was mostly ready but still felt like a bit more in our savings would make the transition from two full times jobs to one easier. We had decided (the weekend before) that the next summer would be perfect timing: we would be celebrating our three year anniversary and would have almost enough savings for a cute little "Georgia house" as we loved to call it. Even though it seemed far off we were so excited for our little baby it was all we seemed to talk about. And then I was late. After three days, Kevin mentioned taking a test, but I brushed it off. The thought of taking a test that I knew would tell me we weren't having a baby yet seemed like a sad thing to do. But then I was five days late and was so anxious and excited and I needed to just put the idea of a baby to rest. So, while we were hot gluing cotton balls all over a sweat shirt and pants for Kevin's ridiculous sheep costume, we took the test. And then two more, and then Kevin took one, for good measure. I was so happy I jumped, yelled, and then cried. WE WERE HAVING A BABY. And we didn't even have to wait! 
Later that night, still hot gluing cotton balls, we talked about what our little boy or girl would be for Halloween the next year because oh my gosh we'll have a real live baby in just one year. We never really decided on a boy costume but I knew right away we would have a little mermaid on our hands if we were lucky enough to have a girl. All that to say, this costume has been a little dream of mine ever since the night we found out we were having a tiny baby.

So, the weekend before Halloween I got to work with some fabric I already had in my stash that I knew would be perfect and put this little outfit together. Most satisfying sewing project yet.


  1. She looks precious! And your narwal is just perfect!