Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This is ridiculously late. But better late than never!
So tiny baby, you are one month old! We waited much longer for you to come than we anticipated. Our midwife decided to brake my water when you were a week and a day past your due date. It was an unexpected labor and delivery but we were overwhelmed with love (and relief!) one we finally got you out. Your daddy scooped you up as soon as they were done checking you out and I will never forget the sweet look he had while rocking you.
You have been a curious one from the start. You haven't smiled much, except for in your sleep. The little smiles you have is enough for us to dream about when you will smile back at us. You do have the funniest faces, though. You look around whenever you're awake with such a curious gaze, like you're taking in everything you possibly can. You stare at whoever is holding you like you're memorizing their face. It makes whoever is lucky enough to be holding you laugh out loud.
You sleep and eat like a champ/ Your daddy and I kept saying "It has to get harder than this" when we brought you home from the hospital. We had some moments, but for the most part we're realizing, more and more every day, how lucky we are to have such an easy baby. You started out sleeping thourgh most of the day and most of the night. Your first week you slept for about a seven hours and then would wake up to nurse and go right back to sleep. Most of the time you don't even open your eyes, you just start crying and I know just what to do to make you happy and fall right back to sleep. 
Your daddy is the best at putting you to sleep, aside from when you nurse to sleep. Which is every time you nurse, by the way. He dances around the house and makes up ridiculously sweet songs about how tiny you are and it works every time. He has been up with us when you wake up for your 5 minute nursing session every night and changed EVERY SINGLE diaper until he went back to work when you were two and a half weeks. And even then, he only worked five hours a day, at the most. He missed us too much! I was so sore , even after coming home from the hospital, and he took such good care of us. He is the best daddy. 
We love you so much, Pennycakes.