Monday, January 7, 2013


I am on a mission to catch up with this space and make it prettier. We kept up with a monthly picture and I even wrote a draft for most months, if not just kept notes so I wouldn't get too confused. So here it goes.

Two months! You're two months little baby! We have enjoyed you so so much this past month. You're personality exploded all over us. You are one goofy little girl. You make all kinds of faces and all sorts of sweet coos. You love to say "eye" over and over and we have heard a few combinations, your first being "agoo". You are so sweet and have started smiling like the happiest baby in the world. You don't just smile, either. You wiggle and move your arms around and smile so big that it looks like you're laughing without any sound. Our first pictures of you smiling were taken with our phones (got to keep the real camera closer!) and so they are all blurry from your happiness going every where! You're our little full-body smiler. At first, you were just super smiley in in morning, right after you woke. Your daddy and I just sat and stared at you in amazement during what we called "happy time". Slowly, happy time has become whenever you're awake. We love it.
You've started making significant eye contact with us. It is so fantastic to talk to you and see you studying our faces.
 Your new favorite trick is to make enormous spit bubbles. It's quite impressive. You also had your first giggle (while awake)! It was the sweetest thing we've ever heard. Oddly enough, it was while we were in line at goodwill (your first thrifting day!) and you were even a bit of a cranky pants. Daddy was holding you and you just let out a short giggle. It was so adorable- we talked about it the whole way home. You have gotten one little curl in the middle of your head. It's the prettiest curl we've ever seen.

You've finally started fitting into some of your 0-3 month outfits. At least half are still loose and even some are too big for you to wear properly. You are still sleeping pretty well. You have starting waking up ever four hours or so. The pediatrician said you may be waking up sooner because you smell me, sleeping so close to me at night. We're going to give it some more time before we try and change anything about our routine, or lack there of. You have started to take a nap or two in your swing during the day. What a difference it makes in our days! I have been taking showers, working out, and even sewing a bit. I am always so happy when you wake up because I miss holding you. It feels so good to be productive and still hold and play with you most of the day. 
We took our first trip as a family this month. And where else other than Florida! It wasn't our ideal first trip but we spontaneously decided to drive down there in lieu of your Aunt Keri, Uncle Nate, and cousin Alice driving up to spend the weekend with us. You were literally the perfect traveling baby. We left around 1 a.m., slept at a rest stop around 3 and slept for two or three hours, and then got to Florida around 9. You slept all through the night (only stirring at the rest stop) and happily woke up at 7:30. You were a happy, talkative baby and you didn't fuss other than when you were hungry or tired, despite how crazy our schedule was the whole time we were there. Everyone adored you. By the end of the first day I missed you so much I had to steal you away just to spend some face time with you!

 Oh Penelope we couldn't love you anymore.

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